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What is included in the packages?

The 4 page website includes a home page, an about us page, a products/services page and a contact us page, a professional designer who builds your site and assists you in choosing the right images for your brand. The 4 page website + blog includes all of the above plus the ability for you to blog.

What am I responsible for during the design process?

We need our clients to make timely and decisive decisions on images and copy to keep the development process on schedule as well as providing final approval when the site is ready to go live.

What is included in the $49.95 monthly fee?

The monthly fee includes: domain name registration (if necessary), website hosting (hosting package with a national third party provider), CMS (so you can edit your site yourself), Google analytics (monthly information about who visits your site from where) and up to 5 email accounts with your domain name (email accounts are only available if domain name is registered through iKnowAWebGuy.com or domain name is transfered to iKnowAWebGuy.com).

When does the monthly fee start?

The monthly fee starts 30 days from your purchase of a website package and the contract runs 12 months from that date.

How do I pay the monthly fee?

The monthly fee is paid via your on-file credit card on the monthly anniversary date of your first monthly payment for the following month.

How long is the contract?

Domain registration and hosting are a 12-month term. After 12 months it is automatically renewed. If you no longer want your website, you may cancel at the end of 12 months by emailing (info@iKnowAWebGuy.com). Cancellations must be requested 45 days prior to contract expiration.

Can I pay my hosting a whole year at a time?

Our current system doesn't allow for this option. We may offer this option in the future.

I already have my URL. Can iKnowAWebGuy.com still build my website?

Absolutely. We will simply point your URL to the site when it’s ready to go live.

I don’t have a URL yet. Can iKnowAWebGuy.com help me get one?

Yes. Let us know what URL you’d like to use, we will verify it is available and secure it for you.

I don’t know what types of images are right for my business. Can a designer at iKnowAWebGuy.com give me some guidance?

Yes. Feedback on images that fit your branding is included.

I don’t have images for my site. Can iKnowAWebGuy.com help me make sure I get images with the proper usage rights for websites?

Yes. We can help you purchase the correct type of images.

Do I have to purchase images?

No. In fact you are encouraged to use your own images that you’ve taken to represent your business. If you don’t have images, please be cautious when pulling images from the web as many of them have copyright limitations. If you purchase your images through iKnowAWebGuy.com we will make sure they have the rights you need.

Will I be able to edit my website myself?

You will be able to edit your copy at any time. Please be careful when doing so. DO NOT COPY/PASTE from Microsoft Word it will mess up the formatting and code for your site. Use a plain text editor such as Notepad or type directly into the CMS and format using the tools provided in the content management system. Charges apply to fix it if your edits cause a problem.

May I write my own copy?

Yes, you may. Please be aware that we do not proofread or edit copy unless requested under Additional Services.

Do I have to write my own copy?

No, you do not. We have copywriters and editors who will be happy to work with you to create professional copy for your site. Choose the level of support that is right for you (proofreading/copy editing or copywriting) under Additional Services and one of our writers or editors will be in touch.

Do I have to have my entire site proofread or copy written?

No. We can do any pieces or parts you need.

Why do you suggest no more than 500 words per page?

Too much copy on a webpage is daunting and very few people will read it. It is better to make your point concisely than to ramble on for 1000 words or more.

Do I get an email address with my website?

Yes. Up to 5 active email addresses is included (email accounts are only available if domain name is registered through iKnowAWebGuy.com or domain name is transfered to iKnowAWebGuy.com).

If I don’t use email can I get a discount?

No. Email is part of the package.

What is included in the blog option?

The blog option includes an additional "blog" button on your navigation bar and two additional web pages. The blog results page which lists the title of all of your blogs from newest to oldest and a blog details page that shows the content of each post.

Can I include videos on my site?

Yes. You can use the "embed" feature from sites such as YouTube to add videos to any page on your new website.

Can I use PayPal with my iKnowAWebGuy.com website?

Yes. Create the buttons you need and the copy to go with them and we can put them on your products/services page. If you need to change them down the road, you can do so using your CMS tool. You can also use the PayPal shopping cart.

Can I have a shopping cart on my iKnowAWebGuy.com website?

You can use the shopping cart provided by PayPal. More advanced payment services are not compatible with the startup websites we offer. Our parent company, RgB Design Group LLC, is happy to work with you to design and develop a more complex website that can do anything you can think of.

I don’t have a logo. Can iKnowAWebGuy.com design one for me?

Logo and marketing design services are available through our parent company RgB Design Group LLC

Who is RgB Design Group LLC?

RgB Design Group LLC, a full service visual communications company that can design anything you can print or put on the web, is our parent company.

Are there any additional costs I need to know about?

Purchasing images is not included in the package price. Additional services such as proofreading, editing, copywriting and additional website pages have additional cost. Please see the additional services page for pricing.

When my company grows and I need to add to my website, then what?

Your website can grow with you. iKnowAWebGuy.com can add pages for you. When you become so successful that you need custom web solutions, our parent company,RgB Design Group LLC, can seamlessly address all of your web and marketing needs.

Can iKnowAWebGuy.com help with other marketing needs?

Our parent company is a full-service marketing and custom design business. If you can print it or put it on the web they can design it for you. If you need to run social media campaigns, mail campaigns, or do any other direct marketing RgB Design Group LLC can help you while providing the same professional service you receive from iKnowAWebGuy.com

Can I move my website to different hosting provider?

No. The platform used by iKnowAWebGuy.com to build and maintain websites is proprietary.

Still have questions?

Email info@iKnowAWebGuy.com. We’ll be happy to answer them.

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